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About Us

We really do care about you

We guarantee that you will soon feel comfortable with us

Caremark is an established and highly regarded home care provider offering home care, personal support, home help and companionship services

When the time comes that you need support at home, we fully understand that you might be worried about your dignity or safety.

Although inviting strangers into your home to care for you is bound to initially be stressful, we will try to reduce your anxiety by listening to you carefully and making sure that you are comfortable with our service and the way in which we provide it.

In fact, we aim to fully understand your precise needs and preferences before our service begins. Only when you are happy with the support plan we have agreed together, will we select a Care Worker to meet you. It will be someone with appropriate experience, qualifications and skills, and you will always be able to change your Care Worker if you wish.

You'll find that you will soon get to know your Care Worker, and feel comfortable with them. You'll also get to know your local Caremark Field Care Supervisor, who will make regular visits to your home to check that you are entirely happy with the support you are receiving. You are encouraged to speak to us at any time if you have any concerns about your safety or wellbeing, or wish to change the way your support is arranged.We provide personalised professional services, in a friendly, helpful and considerate way.

Our Services

We provide personalised professional services, in a friendly, helpful and considerate way.

Home care services tailored to you

Our dedicated care staff and management team ensures we are able to offer a broad range of home care services. The support we offer is always tailored to meet individual needs.

 Flexibility is built into our working systems.

Our Care Workers can visit you at times that suit your lifestyle. We are available to provide our home care services 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year. You need two hour-long visits everyday. Or you may simply just need a 30-minute visit once a week, either way we can accommodate your unique needs.

  • Help with washing & dressing
  • Shopping & meal preparation
  • Prompting with medication
  • Support with daily routines
  • Overnight support
  • Respite services
  • Socialising and leisure activities
  • Accessing the community
  • Regaining independence
  • Convalescence care

Personal care tailored to your individual needs

We can help with Personal Care for everyday or just small amounts from time-to-time

Illness, age or infirmity can make it difficult to carry out all of the personal care tasks that you once handled with ease. We understand that this can be frustrating or embarrassing.

Our qualified, respectful Care Workers are experienced in helping all kinds of people with their personal care. We appreciate the importance of respecting your dignity at all times. We will help you to retain as much independence as possible. The Care Workers are understanding and sympathetic, without being patronising.

They know that every customer is an individual, with unique personal needs, preferences and values. Our support arrangements will be personalised to your own requirements. This can involve your family members if you wish. Rest assured, we will only provide the services that you have specifically asked for in your care and support plan.


Respite Care

Time to recharge your batteries

We specialise in providing respite home care and support to those caring for someone else.

When you’re looking after a loved one or family member it can be rewarding, but it can also be extremely demanding and exhausting. Taking time out is important for your health and wellbeing, and even just a few days rest can be enough to recharge your energy levels and enthusiasm.

Live-in care

Personalised to your specific needs - Live the life you want

Live-in care is our specialised care service for people who need care and support with day-to-day life, but also want to live as independently as possible.

A popular alternative to living in a residential care home, our live-in care service enables you or your loved one to receive tailored, professional support 24-hours-a-day, at home.

Our compassionate carers can help with:

  • personal care
  • shopping, housekeeping and cooking
  • meeting dietary and nutritional needs
  • companionship and emotional support - many carers become more like friends
  • daily activities and accessing local support
  • using mobility aids
  • administering medication
  • attending doctor, dental or other appointments
  • help with household bills and general admin
  • help with pet care, dog walking and feeding

Dementia and Alzheimer’s care at home

We’re here to help

Helping someone you love to cope with the challenges that come with dementia and memory loss can be exhausting, upsetting and isolating. But Caremark is here to offer practical support, advice and reassurance. We can provide professional and fully trained care assistants for day care at home as little or as often as you need it, as well as respite care and live-in care.

We also have plenty of experience to share with you, enabling you to feel better equipped to deal with any situation that might arise. We can let you know about useful outside resources too, including details of support networks and local dementia groups that you and your loved one might find helpful.

Familiarity, regular routines and being cared for at home can slow the progression of many common dementia symptoms. Gone are the days when the only option facing someone living with a progressed form of dementia was residential care.


Companionship Care

Helping to overcome loneliness

Did you know that, according to Age UK, nearly a million older people in the UK go for more than a month without speaking to anyone? Not only is loneliness and isolation a huge problem, it has also been associated with health issues such as depression, sleep problems, hypertension, stress and mental health problems.

At Caremark we strongly believe that no one should feel loneliness or isolation, which is why we’ve created our companionship care service.


Assistance with taking your medication

If you or your loved one is taking medication - particularly a few different sorts - it can be challenging to manage. Caremark is here to take the stress out of medication management and organising prescriptions.

Our carers are only too happy to manage your or your family member’s medication and liaise with doctors and pharmacists to order more, or we can assist in prompting you to take your medication and simply be there for vital extra support.


Shopping & Meal Preparation

We understand the importance of a good diet

Regular, balanced meals are essential to maintain good health.

Unfortunately, some older people and those with physical or mental difficulties are not always good at (or capable of) looking after themselves in this way. That's where Caremark can help. We offer a personal service for food shopping and meal preparation.

It's so easy for certain people to overlook regular meals. Often finding food preparation a chore or too difficult, or simply forgetting to eat. Others know they need to eat regularly, but find it too much of a struggle to go to the trouble. So they end up eating all the wrong things, like cakes, biscuits, ready meals and other unhealthy choices. These are fine as a treat. But healthy, nutritious meals need care to plan and prepare.


Domestic Duties

Say goodbye to your chores!

Clients of Caremark can benefit from many different care services on offer. This can include those which do not involve personal care. Domestic care is a typical example of what we can provide. These options can be equally valuable in helping people to maintain their independence.

Even our clients who don't need much assistance with their personal care are usually delighted to learn that they can receive help with some of those tedious routine jobs, such as cleaning, laundry and ironing. These tasks can be very physically demanding. So it's good for clients to get relief from the pressure of these never-ending tasks.

Some of our clients simply cannot manage these activities. For older clients, it can be a great help to hand the jobs over to someone else. Delegating these tasks to Caremark means that you able to save your time and energy for more important things in life. Like spending time with your family and friends.


Social Activities

Meeting friends and making new ones

Meeting both new and familiar faces can have a positive effect on the contentment of someone being cared for at home on a long-term basis. For someone undergoing a short rehabilitation period, getting out and about and having visitors can help speed up the recovery process.

In the care plans we draw up with our clients, we always try to incorporate some elements of socialising, catered to each person.

Although everyone has unique needs, and physical abilities may differ greatly, we find that everyone benefits from occasional (and preferably regular) socialising. A social event can be something to look forward to, enjoy at the time and then look back on and reflect on.

If someone is wheelchair-bound, that's not a barrier to us. Even someone who is permanently bedridden should be able to receive visitors at home from time-to-time. This brings a little of the outside world into their life and can make a big difference.


Healthcare Professionals

Caremark are able to support a wide range of organisations

This includes, but not limited to, the following:

  • Residential Care Homes - private and public
  • Sheltered housing
  • Extra-care schemes
  • Private hospitals and public hospitals
  • Local Authority and Social Services
  • Primary Care Trusts or GP Commissioning
  • HSC Trusts

Caremark are dedicated to providing a high quality and consistent service to all types of organisations. We can supply staff for an immediate start or pre-arranged terms to support you during shortages. Or where you are looking to get a contract with a provider on a long term basis.

 Caremark also work very closely with local authorities. Aiming to support them with their demand for care and support services. This can be done contractually or on a case by case basis.


Questions you should ask

How Do I Pay?

Our charges are always clear and straightforward, and agreed with customers in advance.

There are several ways in which the services that you receive from us may be paid for. We would be happy to discuss your circumstances so that we can advise you on the availability of Local Authority or NHS funding and the best method of paying for care.

Our charges are based on an hourly rate that varies depending on the times at which our services are provided. It's possible that you may not need to pay anything yourself. Please contact your local Caremark office for full details, and answers to any questions you may have.


Why choose Caremark?

You’ll always be in safe hands - our services care for over 100,000 clients

Client Led Service

We offer a 'meet and greet' service and a full assessment before a care package begins. We make sure we completely understand your care needs.

Highest Standards

Our Care Staff are checked and trained to the highest standards using industry approved training. We continue monitoring staff throughout their work.

Quality Assurance

Caremark have dedicated internal systems in place monitoring the full care service. This ensures the highest quality care and that your needs are met at all times.

Client Confidentiality

Customer information is only shared once your written agreement is in place and always on a 'need to know' basis.

Transparent Culture

We have an open door policy so that clients have regular contact with a member of the management team.

Allocation of Carer

We allocate a permanent carer during the care and support period so that clients know who is visiting them on a regular basis.

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