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Your order will not be accepted until we issue you with a confirmation order. This will be communicated to you through the email that you provide to us on sign up. Once this email has sent, the contract between you and us will be active. Any violations of the contract, on either end, will result in termination of the contract.

The agreement will begin on the date that we send the confirmation of order. This means that future payments will be due each month on that same day. For example, if you were to receive a confirmation email on the 2nd June, then the first month will be from the 2nd June until the 1st July. The next payment will be due on the 2nd July and this instalment will run until the 1st August.

You must provide us with payment information when requesting a service from us. This payment information will be sent to Stripe for processing. Stripe's privacy and terms can be accessed here. Payment will include a valid credit/debit card or details for a valid PayPal account. It is your responsibility to maintain this information. You authorise us to charge your credit/debit card or Paypal account monthly. It is your responsibility to maintain this payment method.

If a payment is not received or is declined then you will be contacted via the email address you provided to us. After further decline/ no payment, you will forfeit the secure lock on your listing. Your listing will be cancelled and your spot will be offered to other potential users. Failure to pay for the service will result in termination of the contract. You are then responsible for any declined/late payments from before account termination. We will contact you regarding this.

If we are unable to supply you with a service, i.e. if the service is unavailable, we will not process your payment for the service. If payment has already been processed, you will receive a full refund as soon as possible.

By agreeing to these terms, you are accepting that the service will not be error free. There may be time when the services are not available or are as fully functional as they intend to be. This could be due to hardware failures, software failure or other factors. We also reserve the right to suspend services while we perform routine maintenance. This is essential to increase the lifetime of the service. Businesspedia will communicate the period of suspension prior to suspending the services and will communicate with you throughout the process.

We aim to make our service as reliable and robust as possible however, there is always a chance of errors. We will not be liable for any errors caused on our services. It is your responsibility to backup any content on your listing in case of error. It is recommended that you routinely save your website’s content. In circumstances where information is lost, we will work with you to restore your information if you have an available backup. If you do not have a backup of your information, you will complete the page setup process that you completed on first sign up.

We may reflect on districts from time to time and at anytime we may split a larger district up into smaller districts to offer a more competitive chance.

You are not allowed to resell this service, give them away or transfer your rights to a third party. However, you and any employees, agents or contractors who you authorise, can gain access to the service.

In addition to this, you will be responsible for all activity undertook by employees, agents and/or contractors within your business. We will not accept any liability for any damage that is caused, or any loss that is suffered because of their actions. We recommend that you advise all employees, agents and/or contractors to read and understand these terms before allowing them access to our services.

You are responsible for arranging your access to the service and paying the relevant fees. In order to do so, you must make sure that routinely update your contact and payment information. Businesspedia will not hold any responsibility for actions that occur due to denied/late payments.

If a service relies on third parties, you may be required to comply with that third party’s rules or guidelines when you use that service. It is highly recommended that you visit their site and ensure you are familiar with them. It is also recommended that you continue to refer to their site in order to check any changes. Businesspedia will not be responsible for notifying you of changes to the terms and conditions of a third-party service. You can be confident that Businesspedia will only use the services of a third-party if we agree with their terms and conditions. Any changes to their terms and conditions that invalidate our trust in their service will cause a termination of our using that third-party. In these circumstances, our terms and conditions will be changed to reflect this. Please see section 12 for more information on how you will be notified of these changes.

You must communicate with us in cases where you think your account security has been breached. We will work with you to ensure that your account remains secure.

You must not gain unauthorised access to any part of our services or the software or systems that we use to run these.

You must not use any means to interfere with how the services work or modify, edit, reverse engineer any part of our services or make other works based on our services.

You must not copy any part of our content in any form and you must not copy others for your own use.

You must not use the service in any way which can be deemed unethical which may lead to harm.

Businesspedia hold the right to terminate your use the service in a way that we believe to be misuse. We hold the right to deem actions as misuse of the service and the points given above should not be taken as an extensive list. For more information regarding the consequences of misusing our service, please refer to section 9.

We may terminate your access to the site, without cause or notice, which may result in the forfeiture and destruction of your listing. One reason for this is if we believe that you are no longer using the services as you have failed to respond to any emails inviting you to update your payment/contact information. Upon termination, there will be a short period of time where you can contact us to reinstate your order. It will be at our discretion as to whether this request will be fulfilled.

Any complaints about the services that Businesspedia provide can be sent to our support team via our Contact Us Page.

There is no guarantee of a resolution but we will look at each case individually and communicate clearly on actions regarding the complaint.

Businesspedia reserves the right to change these conditions from time to time as it sees fit and your continued use of the site will signify your acceptance of any adjustment to these terms.

From time to time, we may change these terms and conditions. For example, as we update and improve our services, new features may require modifications to the privacy statement. Accordingly, please check back periodically.